A true hybrid vehicle!

IBIS is an “AMEL 54,” a “bluewater” cruising sailboat. She is built specifically to take a family or couple around the world through any ocean safely. She can be “single handed” which means steered and handled with one person by him or herself. We felt this aspect critical to the decision making when buying the boat. If something were to happen to one of the adults, or even one of the children who were at the time critical to the handling of the boat we would be severely compromised.

In essence the boat is a life-support vessel. Her primary purpose is to provide a safe and comfortable living environment that supports the lives of 2-6 humans in any location, and in any weather. She has onboard fresh water making, solar energy generation, air conditioning, heating, a full galley etc. She can be provisioned easily for half a year for six people. She is not just an adventure machine, but also a home.